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2015 Annual Legacy Gala Recap

~ A special Thank You message from Lisa Haisha ~ 

Dear Legacy Leaders, Supporters, Friends & Family,

I am so grateful to report that our 2015 Legacy Series Gala Event was a huge success!

Thank you so much for supporting our charity gala event on November 20th, 2015. Many amazing individuals showed up and experienced a powerfully transformative evening. Each and every one of you made the evening very special by adding your unique magic and creative energy.

There was so much light and love in the room that made the event a unique collaborative experience for everyone. The media reported that they were totally blown away by how well received they were. So, THANK YOU volunteers! We truly appreciate all the Legacy Leaders who showed up and walked the red carpet and donated their time and talent.

Thank you to the Wisdom Keepers for sharing your presence which lit up the room …

  • Nandhi Ji Tapas Yogi
  • Swami Baba Nataraja
  • Helen Samuels
  • Steve Robertson
  • Shane Rilling
  • Dr. Sarah Larsen
  • Michele Anderson

The 2015 Legacy Event had a huge impact on the hearts and minds of those who attended and has continued to spread out from there.

For example: one individual received a record deal, some people made new contacts forming nonprofit organizations, a celebrity couple was so moved that they decided to match our funds, and so many more miracles are continuing to unfold.

2015 Legacy Gala Speakers

We were honored to feature an eclectic mix of amazing speakers at this year’s charity gala. From a retired war veteran, a fashion designer and a record producer to successful entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, they each brought a unique spirit to the room. Be sure to check out each of their websites or follow them on Twitter to keep up with them.   

Mallika Chopra
Author & Founder of

Matt Aaron Lucas
Veteran & Actor

Lisa Garr
Radio Host & Author
The Aware Show

Shellie Hunt
WGC Founder & Speaker

Urbanna Chappa 
Fashion Designer

Philip Lawrence
Songwriter & Producer

Opening Entertainment & Hosts

Our event started out with a pop opera concert by the talented vocal stylings of Nick Palance and the lovely Lynn Rose accompanied him.

One of our incredible hosts was the endearing humanitarian actress, O’rianka Kilcher, who is well known for her 2005 role as Pocahontas in The New World when she was just 14 years old.

My goal at the Legacy Gala was to cross-pollinate Hollywood celebrities with global spiritual leaders. This has been my highest honor and greatest joy. I can honestly say that my mission in life was perfectly encapsulated in this year’s Legacy Gala with my 3 main objectives:

1. SoulBlaze Your Life

2. Live Your Greatest Legacy Now

3. Give the Gift of Giving Back

As our world continues to go through extreme changes locally and globally, my intention is to leave this world a better place by inspiring others to tap into their unique talents, dream big, and join me in giving back. 

The night was filled with music, magic and transformation! Click here to see some of the amazing photos from of the event taken by photographer Bob Delgadillo. I am so excited this year to award our… 2015 Legacy Winners to two amazing nonprofits! 

The 2015 Legacy Award Recipients

Kathy Buckley & No Limits for Deaf Children

Kathy Buckley is a hearing-impaired comedian who is the co-founder and spokesperson for No Limits for Deaf Children. 

Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh & The Global Youth Earth Guardian Solutionary

Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh is an amazing 15 year-old who founded the Global Youth Earth Guardian Solutionary. 

We received three standing ovations and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after our amazing special international celebrity guest, Emmanuel Kelly performed his incredible heartfelt rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon and brought the house down!!!

Emmanuel Kelly’s Inspiring Story

For those of you who missed it, Legacy Leader Emmanuel Kelly was born in a war zone in Iraq and was found in a cardboard box by the nuns of Mother Theresa’s orphanage. He was only a few days old. Without fully formed arms or legs, Emmanuel’s life was challenging at best.

After several heartbreaking years, he was un-officially adopted by an Australian woman named Moira Kelly who took him under her wings and gave him a second chance at life. Mother Moira Kelly was able to inspire doctors around the world to gift him (as well as 2,000 other children of war torn countries) life saving surgeries.

Emmanuel went on to become an international music sensation on seven continents, receiving over a hundred million hits on YouTube. He has performed on the hit TV show X-Factor and released an incredible album called Dream BigClick here to check out Emmanuel Kelly’s spectacular X-Factor audition.

We also want to thank all our conscious event sponsors and vendors for financially participating in the Legacy Series, for without them our magical evening would not have been possible.

Thank You To Our Event Sponsors

Casa del Mar | Hotel by the Sea

Michael J. Deliz |


Katie Hartman |


Our 2015 Legacy Vendors

In special thanks for their participation, we have given all of our Legacy Vendors a special one-year feature on Our Sponsors pages that will live on two high-trafficking websites for 2016. 

Please be sure to visit these pages and shop till you drop knowing that you are consciously supporting companies that are truly making a difference in the world.

Nandhiji for Declaration of Consciousness |

Lali Kakar for Vedic Oracle Readings | (917) 821-3947

Missy Galore for Shamanatrix Clothing |

Annemarie Brown for The Sattva Collection |


Marcus Brown for Wooden Roots Drums |

Reena Gauchan for Kathmandu

Triscka Donaghy for Ruby & Isadora Jewellery |

Raquel Lopez for Empowerment Apparel | (505) 603-1174

Special Thank You’s To Our Very Talented Legacy Event Team
& Our Incredible Volunteers

Legacy Event Team:

  • Lisa Haisha – Producer
  • Michael Rann – Line Producer
  • Tina Castaldi – Creative Event Director
  • Dawna Shuman PR & Red Carpet Director
  • Phil Lobel – PR
  • Christopher Kingry – PR
  • Shaun Kimbrow – PR
  • Steve Machuca – Event Production Assistant
  • Jeff Mc Coy – Audio Video Graphics & Projection
  • Mercedes Blackehart – Videographer
  • Jaq – Videographer
  • Clifford Burtley – DJ Kawaku – Sound Enginer
  • Jeremy Buck – Musical Performance
  • Kevin Young – Set Designer
  • Michael Jones & Pravina Narayan-Valle – Social Media

Our Volunteers:

  • Dr. Sarah Larsen
  • Julie Haisha
  • Maura Hoffman
  • Lauri Taylor
  • Jake Torossian
  • Corey Keisler
  • Kenneth Rippetoe
  • Joanne Rodriguez
  • Jennifer Dioguardi
  • Maika Greco
  • Cristina Cimellaro


  • Rebecca Lincoln
  • Tana Espino
  • Astara Fisher
  • Julian Forest
  • Emmanuel Villegas (Ocho)
  • Anya Rann
  • Monica Vallero
  • Camini Natarajan
  • Mayan Butterfly
  • Selina Ringel
Special thank you to Reena at Kathmandu Boutique for generously donating all the beautiful sacred statues, tapestries, and fine art to our event. 

Congrats To The Night’s Winnners

I am happy to say the 2015 Legacy Charity Event was so successful that we had to gift the raffle online due to the number of individuals who showed up at the last minute. This had us running into overtime and we were not able to fit in all of our regularly scheduled program.

So I am proud to announce the Ticket Winners of the Legacy Gala Raffle…

2015 Legacy Gala Raffle Ticket Winners

  1. Casa Del Mar Luxury Suite – Mercedes Blackehart
  2. One Case of Organic Vinium Wine – Richard Waner
  3. One Case of Organic Vinium Wine – Maura Hoffman


Thank you to Lee Aronsohn, my loving husband who helped sponsor the Whispers From Children’s Heart Foundation and assisted me in publishing my first book Whispers from Children’s Hearts, my story of traveling to fifteen countries interviewing children in orphanages.


As this year comes to a close we want to let everyone know that we are very excited about launching our new monthly programs to serve the needs of our community; SoulBlazing Saturdays are the 3rd Saturday of every month. Click here to view our events calendar and sign up.

We also want to invite everyone to participate in our monthly SoulBlazing local outreach, where we gather volunteers to go into local hospitals and sing for children in need while delivering SoulBlazing Superhero Capes of Courage.

Our special Superhero for the Month of December is musical director, singer and songwriter Gary Gertzweig, also know as DOV from LoveStar Records. We thank him for all of his hard work and dedication to the amazing SoulBlazing song and video for our SoulBlazing Superheroes. We love and appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the children. You can check out his amazing non-profit at:

Due to the wonderful success of the 2015 Legacy Charity Gala, we are already planning our next Legacy event that will take place in Los Angeles on March 24th, 2017.


Until next year!

Remember … Shift Happens!

Lisa Haisha