Communication Creates Community:

How The Foundation Began

Back in 1995, Lisa Haisha began to travel the world as a cultural researcher. More than 20 years later, her favorite trips have always been the ones visiting developing countries where she was able to help children in need.

In 2006, Lisa got engaged to her husband-to-be, Lee, and insisted that together they go on one of these incredible eye-opening trips so that she could share her passion about children in need with him.

Together, Lisa and Lee planned a trip to Cambodia where Lisa would interview the founder of a safe house orphanage for abandoned and mistreated kids. It was the first time Lee had taken a trip like this. Watch this video to see some of the footage they shot at the orphanage from their trip.

Inspired By The Children

  Lisa-and-Kids Lisa-&-Lee-with-Kids  156

After returning, Lisa and Lee watched this footage together and the nucleus for the idea of Whispers From Children’s Hearts came to both of them. They wanted to help as many kids as possible around the world, and also wanted to share the powerful experience they had with others on a grand scale. Taking it a step further, the couple also decided to adopt a baby.

Fueled by this desire to help kids in need, Lisa and Lee formed the Whispers From Children’s Hearts nonprofit foundation with the aim of introducing more people to the imperative needs of worldwide orphanages and to spread the word on how to get involved.


Whispers From Children’s Hearts

3 Magical Questions ~ 1 Book

A Global Movement

During Lisa and Lee’s life-changing trip to Cambodia, Lisa decided to ask three simple questions to a child they had encountered there. She had no idea her questions would one day spark a humanitarian mission. But that’s exactly what happened.

“After some time passed, and in reading back through all the quotes we had collected,” Haisha recalls, “I realized there was much more here. The power and mystery embedded in the soul of each child was profound. I felt these children have the ability to show us things we can’t always see ourselves. They are a reflection of our adult world, which has a ripple-down effect on our children, which we ignore at our peril.”

Lisa continued to travel, collecting more quotes and meeting lots of wonderful children from all over the world. Since creating the foundation that bears the book’s name, Whispers From Children’s Hearts has been offering international mission trips to orphanages in some of the most remote, war-torn and impoverished places on the planet providing provisions and soul care to children in need. 

Today, the WFCH Foundation serves and provides necessities to children in over 20 countries. By fostering cross-cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace and love, Whispers From Children’s Hearts aims to build bridges of understanding and awareness across the world.


Help The Children & Donate

Give to children in need around the world and help us provide valuable resources, unconditional love and soul care to the kids who need it the most. Every donation and moment of your time counts to the greater good!