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Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) global nonprofit children’s organization working to foster compassion, cross-cultural understanding and financial support to children-in-need locally and abroad.


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“I simply give you their hearts,” wrote Lisa, “for they were the heart of my journeys around the globe. Enjoy and learn from their surprising thoughts, and share them with the little people in your life.”

3 Magical Questions ~ One Book

In 2005 Lisa published Whispers From Children’s Hearts along with illustrator Tim Huhn, backed by Lee Aronsohn. Despite the inspiring story of how WFCH began, the book’s launch was a quiet one; Lisa’s goal was merely to preserve the voices and truths of the children who had made such an impression on her.

Soon after the book’s publication, copies began circulating among Lisa’s friends, Hollywood clients, tastemakers and educators. Lisa has been asked to speak in schools across the country and abroad about her book and it’s teachings. The topic of learning about children worldwide is a true passion for Lisa, she continues to engage kids globally and deeply enjoys sharing her knowledge. Packed with powerful insights, the book is still fresh and in demand. It’s an important topic that needs to be discussed now more than ever. Help spread the word!

Whispers From Children’s Hearts

Three Simple Questions

Children have the ability to show us things we don’t always see ourselves.

About Founder Lisa Haisha

Lisa Haisha, M.A. shares her unique experiences and insights through: dynamic storytelling, healing workshops, inspiring video journals, leadership conferences, keynote speaking, compelling interviews, dedicated nonprofit work and as a trusted guest expert on radio and television shows.

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