Communication Creates Community:
legacy gala event

The Legacy
Charity Gala

Each year WFCH puts on a star-studded charity event in Los Angeles that is both a fundraiser and an awards ceremony honoring people making a global difference in the world.

The Book That Started It All

Inspired by orphaned children in-need while visiting Cambodia, cultural ambassador Lisa Haisha asked 3 simple questions to the kids and from that Whispers From Children’s Hearts was born.

WFCH International Missions

International Humanitarian

Since 2005, WFCH has been providing adults and teens the opportunity to give back and make a difference through mission trips to orphanages around the world.

Children’s Hospitals

WFCH brings both kids and adults to visit local children’s hospitals as SoulBlazing Caped Crusaders spreading joy, entertainment and loving attention!

The Gift of Giving Back

Giving the gift of giving back, WFCH has an army of amazing volunteers who are passionate about being of service and we are always looking for more!

Join Our Team

WFCH raises funds and provides financial help to worthwhile nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of children in need.

Healing Children Worldwide

Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) global nonprofit children’s organization working to foster compassion, cross-cultural understanding and financial support to children-in-need locally and abroad.


Local & Global
Volunteer Missions

Volunteer Missions Here at Home and Globally Helping Children in Need

Annual Legacy Gala Fundraising Event

Giving Back & Coming Together For The Greater Good of Children in Need

Raising Funds For Nonprofits

Building Awareness For Charities That Focus On The Needs Of Children

Whispers From Children’s Hearts Book

3 Magical Questions ~ One Book

A Global Movement

When Lisa Haisha decided to ask three simple questions to a child she encountered on her world travels, she had no idea her questions would one day spark a humanitarian mission. But that’s exactly what happened. Help support children in need worldwide and buy the inspiring book!


Help The Children & Donate

Give to children in need around the world and help us provide valuable resources, unconditional love and soul care to the kids who need it the most. Every donation and moment of your time counts to the greater good!