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Mission Statement

Whispers From Children’s Hearts (WFCH) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to recognizing and supporting charities that benefit the needs of children.



Legacy Leader and Whispers From Children’s Hearts founder, Lisa Haisha, has been fortunate to travel the world for many years and her favorite trips have always been the ones visiting developing countries where she was able to help children in need. When Lisa got engaged to her husband Lee Arohnson, she insisted that together they go on one of these eye-opening trips so she could share her passion about children in need worldwide.

On this trip, Lee and Lisa went to Cambodia to interview the founder of a safe house for abandoned and mistreated children. This was the first time Lee had taken a trip like this. After returning, and watching the footage they shot at the orphanage, the idea came to both of them: they wanted to help as many kids as possible around the world, and share that powerful experience with others.

Together, the couple formed The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation with the aim of introducing more people to the needs of worldwide orphanages and to spread the word on how to get involved. By fostering cross-cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace and love, The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation continues to build bridges of understanding and awareness, here at home in Los Angeles, and across the world.



The WFCH team travels the world to orphanages and hospitals offering soul care and many forms of support, sometimes joining forces with other nonprofits to make the biggest impact possible. Every person that has joined these travel missions has benefitted from the unforgettable and life-changing experiences they witnessed with The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation.

Our global volunteers assist in building schools and homes worldwide. We also bring needed supplies, love and unwavering support to children who are sick or suffering from life-threatening diseases by playing games that are imaginative and transformative. 


WFCH brings both kids and adults to visit local children’s hospitals as SoulBlazing Caped Crusaders to entertain the children who have cancer and other life threatening diseases.

We dress up and play games, do magic tricks and perform for the kids. We aim to brighten their day and then give them gifts, including their own fleece superhero-hooded capes. It’s a fun and rewarding way to give back and make a difference.

This type of interactive play addresses the many multi-dimensional attributes of a child’s emotional health and physical wellness, as well as their mind, body and spirit connection. Lisa refers to this as an example of soul care



Founded by Lisa Haisha, WFCH was created to support and address the emotional and spiritual needs of children’s hearts using music, theatre, singing and the giving of the WFCH sponsored Superhero SoulBlazing Capes of Courage.

Through interactive archetypal superhero characters, Lisa and her team of volunteers inspire children to confront their greatest challenges with courage, humor and song.

Whether locally or globally, WFCH aims to provide a platform that fosters cross-cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace and love. Together, we are building bridges of understanding and awareness across the world.

Help The Children & Donate

Give to children in need around the world and help us provide valuable resources, unconditional love and soul care to the kids who need it the most. Every donation and moment of your time counts to the greater good!