Amare Magazine Features Whispers From Children’s Hearts

Courage. Humor. Song.

Founded by Lisa Haisha, WFCH (Whispers From Children’s Hearts) was created to support and address the emotional and spiritual needs of children’s hearts using music, theater, singing and the giving of the WFCH sponsored Superhero SoulBlazing Capes of Courage.

Through interactive archetypal superhero characters, Lisa and her team of volunteers inspire children to confront their greatest challenges with courage, humor and song.

Whether locally or globally, WFCH aims to provide a platform that fosters cross-
cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace and love. Together, we are building bridges of understanding and awareness across the world.

The WFCH team travels the world to orphanages and hospitals offering soul care and many forms of support. Our global volunteers assist in building schools and homes worldwide. We also bring needed supplies, love and unwavering support to children who are sick or suffering from life-threatening diseases by playing games that are imaginative and transformative. We also join forces with other nonprofits that are doing similar work.

The WFCH Foundation has an annual Legacy Gala honoring grassroots organizations working with children and the community. WFCH helps fund and put them in the spotlight to honor the Organizations and give them seed money ($20,000) to get their name out and further their cause in helping children in need.